Electroperm Magnetic Lifter

Electroperm Magnetic Lifter
Series AA-601

The most intelligent way to move ferrous loads

Magnetism is the smartest way of handling ferrous loads. ARMATECH ASSOCIATES
has continuously Researched and developed Permanent — electro magnets for last
30 years, the only technology that Combines safety, strength, convenience and
power savings.

Electro permanent sheet metal lifters can handle loads with extreme easiness in the minimum area. They are efficient because they always operate from the top without compressing or deforming the load. The floor space is optimized as no empty areas are required around or in between the loads to get access for
their pick up. No other solution can grant the same level of performances and practical use.

Electro permanent system is the ideal solution for steel structural works distribution and storage service centers, metalworking, ship buildings, surface treatment and for all modern industries interested in increasing the efficiency of production process.

Quad system technology Power and Safety to square.

Quad system permanent electro circuit: the power of an electromagnetjoined to the independence of the permanent magnet. The technology of the double magnet uses electrical power only for few seconds in activation “MAG” and deactivation “DEMAG” cycles.

Permanent safety

A Permanent electro system is intrinsically safe being not affected by any electrical power failure. No battery backup system is required .The high energy coming from the permanent magnets keeps the load safely clamped with constant force for indefinite period of time and it can be released only on the ground the maximum safety level for the operator and for the machinery is granted, always.

In Operational Costs: The robust

solid block construction of Electro permanent sheet metal lifter magnetic modules with no moving parts inside, no stress and no overheat in the magnet coils can grant a long reliability without specific maintenance. The expensive back up maintenance is also avoided.

Tailored solution:

Electro permanent sheet metal lifters are designed and built to be compact, light weight, powerful and reliable. The vast array of standard models provides various characteristic of polar geometry and magnetic strength to achieve the correct performance with relation to the load type to be handled (plates, blocks, slabs, profiles, coils, etc…)

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